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The Beckbury show has seen a remarkable transition from its humble roots as an annual produce show in 2005 through to 2014, where more events, activities and displays than ever attracted over 4,000 visitors to the little Shropshire village of Beckbury.

This is a brief history of the show, detailing how a group of like-minded villagers have raised over £60,000 for local charities and good causes – and had some good fun on the journey.

From humble beginnings...

The origins of the Beckbury show date back to 2005 when the Annual Produce Show began.

Entries were received from local individuals with categories for best vegetable, local made jams and the “largest pumpkin” – eight entries were judged and the event raised £10.00 to help pay for a pensioners lunch.

The show continued in this format through to 2009, growing slowly but always raising money for local causes.

Inter-Village Challenge years...

For 2009, the format changed and expanded, resulting in the launch of the first Inter-Village Challenge event. Hosted by Beckbury, the challenge was a series of competitions and events for the six local parishes to compete in. Activities included a 7- a-side football tournament, a traditional tug ‘O’ war event, a range of traditional games, events to keep the children occupied and a BBQ.

The teams paraded through the village and even featured a gaggle of STAR WARS storm troopers to open the event. The 2009 and 2010 challenge events raised a total of £9,500.00 – a staggering amount for this type of format. The appetite for something on a larger and slightly grander scale had been created.

The Beckbury Show Begins...

In 2011, the Beckbury Show was born. The format created for the Inter-Village Challenge was expanded and built upon – the show now featuring a central show arena with a full programme of events and entertainment. Stalls selling local produce arrived, Rybrook BMW Shrewsbury became lead sponsors of the event and there was even more happening at the show, designed to keep adults and children entertained.

It proved both a successful and fun event for all the family, with well over 1000 people attending and raising a total of £6,500.00

The 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 shows continued the format, establishing the Beckbury Show as a must visit event for local families. The show now boasts a wide, diverse range of country events and activities for the whole family to enjoy and has stuck to the principle of being an inexpensive, fun day out for the whole family.

The show has now established itself as firm favourite, blending a traditional country show and fete with the excitement and buzz of a carnival. Since 2009, thousands of people have been welcomed to the rural village of Beckbury and the show has raised over £60,000.00 for local charities and good causes.

This year’s event is shaping up to be the biggest and best and we look forward to welcoming you to our village. Have a great day at the Beckbury Show.

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The Beckbury Show – supporting local good causes

The Beckbury Show was created to raise money for local good causes and charities. A lot of hard work goes into creating the show and the time taken to plan, organise, set-up, run and dismantle the event is all contributed freely by local people.

The results have been fantastic with over £60,000.00 being raised and distributed among local good causes. From larger charities such as Severn Hospice, the Teenage Cancer Trust and Promise Dreams to some things you may never have heard of like Hazels Garden, the Friendship Club and Hilbrae Rescue Kennels – the Beckbury Show has helped and funded many great projects. This is a snapshot of where some of the money has been spent in the last 4 years in the village of Beckbury – you may spot some of these projects when you visit the show:

The Church in Beckbury

Beckbury War Memorial

The war memorial had fallen into disrepair and badly needed some work to bring it back into a good state of repair. With 2014 being the 100th anniversary since Britain entered the First World War, the show committee felt that the war memorial should be repaired and funded 50% of the cost, the other 50% being contributed by the War Memorials Trust.

The Beckbury Bench

Lawton Close is home to some of the more elderly residents of Beckbury. There has been a bench in the Close for a number of years but it was in a poor condition and was not being used. The Beckbury Show have funded and installed a new bench for the residents of Lawton Close and the wider village to enjoy.

Beckbury Church – Bells, Clock, Boiler and Roof!

St Milburga is Beckbury’s 13th century church and is at the centre of the village. In recent years the church has needed some significant renovation and the Beckbury Show has made substantial donations towards the costs – including a new boiler, new bells at the church, repairs to the church roof and most recently to the restoration of the church clock – including a complete overhaul of the mechanism and the clock faces being repainted and repaired.

Beckbury School

The school plays a big part in local village life and the Beckbury Show have been delighted to support the school with significant contributions towards new computers, interactive learning whiteboards, black-out blinds and books for the children.


Charities supported by The Beckbury Show